Our Credo

Our organization has moved beyond the old credo of "Produce or Perish" which was relevant in the times of "Survival of the fittest". Today, the times have changed and so the Credo of Deepak Poly Plast. In these persistent and rapidly changing times, there is "Survival of the most Adaptable", which portrays a greater need of implementing a sophisticated business approach. Thus, this has regenerated anew the credo of our organization to "Create Value or Perish".

Our Values

We at Deepak Poly Plast, since our inception have worked with a set of values that have transcended the barriers of time and continue to inspire us. While we have always imbibed these values, we have never articulated them in a structured manner. In this backdrop, we derive immense pleasure to share with you the following set of values which we expect will govern all our actions:

  • Trust & Respect
  • Customer Value Creation
  • Innovation
  • Global Perspective
  • Speed in all directions
  • Socio-Environmental Sustainability

Our Culture

We at Deepak Poly Plast have always been practicing the culture of "Stability" with a mix culture of "Innovation and Growth". The testimony of such a mixed culture is the long term retention of the company's stakeholders along with the constant expansion of the business by addition of more value to its customers with each passing year. Having these two very contradicting cultures under one roof is what makes Deepak Poly Plast Extraordinary.